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Figure 5

From: Characterization of Monobody Scaffold Interactions with Ligand via Force Spectroscopy and Steered Molecular Dynamics

Figure 5

Characterization of the kinetic and micromechanical properties of monobody YS1 binding to MBP using single-molecule force spectroscopy.

(a) Frequency of binding events between MBP and YS1, YS1(E47A) or YS1(R33A). The last column (blank) represents a control experiment using a blank bilayer. Data represent the mean ± s.e.m. of at least three independent experiments. (b) Rupture force as a function of loading rate for the binding of YS1 (blue circles) and YS1(E47A) (red triangles) to MBP. The lines are a nonlinear least-squares fitting of the Bell dissociation model for determining the unstressed off-rate (k0off) and reactive compliance (xβ) of a bond.

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