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Figure 6

From: Cancer systems biology of TCGA SKCM: Efficient detection of genomic drivers in melanoma

Figure 6

Deregulation of melanogenesis by G-protein and cyclin pathway signalling in TCGA SKCM patient samples.

Coordination of signaling events is demonstrated by integrating low coverage whole genome sequencing somatic copy number alteration (WGS SCNA) data, SNP somatic copy number alteration (SNP SCNA) data, somatic mutations and RNASeq gene expression analysis. Amplifications or activations are indicated in red, deletions or reductions in blue, non-silent mutations by dashed line. Genes are boxed by analysis type. High or low activity (gene expression) is indicted by red or blue font. Grey indicated undefined state in patient cohort. + and – symbols indicate activation and inhibition of factors in the normal pathway. The network is assembled based on gene-associations of map hsa04916 and entries of M14775 and M1529 identified by systems biology gene set enrichment analysis.

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