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Figure 2

From: Cancer systems biology of TCGA SKCM: Efficient detection of genomic drivers in melanoma

Figure 2

Filtered genes show significant enrichment of somatic mutations above background mutation rate.

QQ-plot of mutational significance analysis is based on a permutation analysis of the background mutation rate. q-values (q = -log10(p)) above the diagonal indicate enrichment of somatic mutation. The diagonal y = x serves as reference where observed and expected mutational burden coincide. The significantly enriched functional mutation burden of genes passed an q-value cut-off < = 0.2 is shown as red circles. The synonymous mutation burden is shown as yellow triangles. Genes with significantly enriched synonymous mutation burden passed an q-value cut-off < = 0.2 are highlighted with blue frame. Best-fit is shown as dashed-red line (λ = 6.14) and y = x as dashed-yellow line. Gray-shaded area represents 95% confidence interval for expected p-values.

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