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Figure 1

From: High-Pressure Orthorhombic Ferromagnesite as a Potential Deep-Mantle Carbon Carrier

Figure 1

Representative X-ray diffraction patterns of siderite I and II phases [FeCO3] at high P-T.

(A) FeCO3 heated up to 2200 K at 90 GPa. (B) Decompression of siderite II at room temperature. Gold (Au) was used as the primary pressure calibrant, while neon (Ne) was used as the thermal insulator, pressure medium as well as the secondary pressure calibrant49. Miller indices (hkl) of siderite I and II phases are labeled as I(hkl) and II(hkl), respectively. The wavelength of the monochromatic X-ray beam was 0.3344 Å.

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