Table 4: Surveillance tests summary in early stage breast cancer survivors during post-treatment months 13 to 60 (n = 2,090)

From: Health Services Utilisation in Breast Cancer Survivors in Taiwan

 Number of tests per patientPercentage of patients having at least 1 test
Surveillance for local recurrence   
 Mammography 7–24 mo1.40.789.3
 Mammography 7–60 mo*3.81.398.0
 Annual mammography 7–60 mo  68.2
 Breast ultrasound 7–60 mo*4.11.597.7
 Annual breast ultrasound 7–60 mo  73.8
Surveillance for distant metastasis   
 Liver ultrasound*
 Chest X-ray*
 Bone scan0.30.718.8
 Tumor markers1.42.249.6
  1. *The institutional guideline for breast cancer surveillance includes yearly mammography alternating with yearly breast ultrasound every six months, yearly liver ultrasound, and yearly chest X-ray up to five years post-surgery. These four tests each had a mean value around 4 during the 48-month surveillance interval suggesting adherence to the institutional guideline.