Figure 3 : Detection of the low Tm target by granting a Ct value.

From: Single-channel multiplexing without melting curve analysis in real-time PCR

Figure 3

(a) The arbitrary threshold derived from the ΔRFU of the high Tm target at two different detection temperatures was applied to calculate the Ct value of Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) (low Tm), designated by an arrow. NTC is no-target control. (b) Calculation of the Ct values with a serial dilution of NG gDNA (1 ng–100 fg). Left panel: NG alone; right panel: both Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) (high Tm) and NG. The averages (AVE) of the Ct values of three different experiments are shown. R2 indicates correlation coefficient, whereas the slope represents the efficiency of PCR. ΔRFU represents the value deducted the RFU at 72°C from that at 60°C. The table shown represents the concentration of each reaction.