Figure 5 : Two tables showing universal limiting lengths and growth rate control in the entire living kingdom (we study 4 species, 16 drugs; thus, 64 samples):

From: Live visualizations of single isolated tubulin protein self-assembly via tunneling current: effect of electromagnetic pumping during spontaneous growth of microtubule

Figure 5

The Limiting length (above) and growth rate (below) tables for synchronized in vitro starts with a case where GTP + Taxol + Mg2+ is added with tubulin as common apart from drugs. Notably, GTP and Epothilone A (Sorangium Cellulosum) have the same effect on limiting length and speed. Taxol decreases the difference between upper and lower limits, Vinblastin (Catharanthus roseus) CN2 & LOC does not help in the polymerization of microtubule in animal cells and in contrast to its presence in plant cell speeds up dynamic instability. For several drugs, the effect is independent of the species.