Figure 3 : Top and cross-sectional views of CNT and CNT/SPE.

From: A structured three-dimensional polymer electrolyte with enlarged active reaction zone for Li–O2 batteries

Figure 3

(a–b) Top-view SEM image of (a) CNT only and (b) CNT/SPE film. The scale bars are 500 nm. (c–d) AFM images of CNT/SPE surface. (d) is high-magnification topography (left) and phase (right) images of dashed square area in (c). The scale bars are (c) 300 nm and (d) 150 nm. The color bars on the right top of the topography images indicate the z-axis scale. (e–h) Cross-sectional SEM images of CNT/SPE. (f–h) are high-magnification images of the solid rectangular boxes in (e) for (f) top, (g) middle, and (h) bottom layers. The scale bars are (e) 50 μm and (f–h) 3 μm.