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Figure 1

From: PGRN protects against colitis progression in mice in an IL-10 and TNFR2 dependent manner

Figure 1

PGRN expression is increased in intestinal samples from human IBD patients and mouse colitis models.

(A) Immunohistochemistry for PGRN was conducted on sections of noninflammatory bowel disease and IBD patient's intestinal tissue. (B) PGRN expression was detected in colonic sections from Babl/c mice after TNBS induction at different time-points. (C) Real-time PCR analysis for PGRN gene expression in different cells sorted from wild-type (C57BL/6) spleens. (D) Human intestinal Caco2 cells were treated with PGRN at different time-points and the Erk signaling was examined.

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