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Figure 11

From: PGRN protects against colitis progression in mice in an IL-10 and TNFR2 dependent manner

Figure 11

PGRN−/− mice have normal immune cells numbers and do not develop spontaneous colitis.

(A) DC cells from the spleen of wild-type and PGRN−/− mice were gated with CD11c and MHCII and then further examined with CD11b and CD8 markers using flow cytometry. (B) Spleen and MLN cells from WT and KO mice were assessed for CD4+Foxp3+ T cells. (C) Splenic plasmacytoid DC (mPDCA-1+CD3−CD19−) were assessed by flow cytometry. (D) Histopathological changes in colon tissue from WT and KO mice were examined by H&E staining. (n = 3 mice/genotype, mean ± SD, *p < 0.05). Scale bars, 200 μm.

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