Figure 2 : Differentiation induced higher expressions of LAT2 and 4F2hc genes in K562-D cells.

From: Phenylalanine sensitive K562-D cells for the analysis of the biochemical impact of excess amino acid

Figure 2

(a) Gene expression levels were analyzed by semi-quantitative qPCR with RPL4 as internal standard. (n = 2–3). The expression levels of LAT2 and 4F2hc genes were markedly higher in K562-D cells compared to K562 cells; whereas little difference was found on LAT1. There is little or no expression of LAT2 gene in T24 cells as reported previously18. (b) Contribution of LAT1 to phenylalanine-dependent slow proliferation was not significant in T24 cells. Following a 4-day incubation with different amount of phenylalanine, cell proliferation was assayed by resazurin method. There was a little difference at 5 mM phenylalanine on cell proliferation; however, the normalized cell proliferation was 71% in K562-D cells (Figure 1b) vs. 88% in T24 cells at 5 mM phenylalanine. (n = 12–16 for each group). (**p < 0.01 vs. Phe 0 mM) Data are presented as mean ± S.E.