Table 1: BMAA contents in the seafood purchased in eight supermarkets in Stockholm, Sweden during 2013 and 2014

From: Quantification of neurotoxin BMAA (β-N-methylamino-L-alanine) in seafood from Swedish markets

Name (Species/*Infraorder)SupermarketPurchase DateCapture SiteProduction ModeProcess and Preservation MethodBMAA/Tissue (μg/g)
Blue mussel (Mytilus edulis)S1Feb. 14, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.90
 S2-L1Sep. 03, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.34
 S1Sep. 04, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.42
 S3Oct. 08, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.25
 S6Oct. 09, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.19
 S7Oct. 09, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.08
Oyster (Ostrea edulis, **Crassostrea gigas)S1Sep. 04, 2013Greecefarmedraw0.32
 S3Oct. 08, 2013France**farmedraw0.66
 S6Oct. 09, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.10
 S7Oct. 09, 2013Sweden (west coast)farmedraw0.28
Shrimp (*Caridea)S1Sep. 04, 2013Swedencaughtcooked0.20
 S2-L2Oct. 08, 2013Northern Atlanticcaughtsmoked0.11
 S3Oct. 08, 2013Northern Atlanticcaughtcooked0.20
 S4Oct. 08, 2013Swedencaughtcooked/frozen0.17
 S6Oct. 09, 2013Swedencaughtcooked/frozen0.46
 S7Oct. 09, 2013Swedencaughtcooked0.13
Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)S1Sep. 04, 2013Northeast Atlanticcaughtraw0.01
 S1Feb. 14, 2013Northeast Atlanticcaughtraw0.01
 S5Oct. 09, 2013Baltic Seacaughtraw0.02
Baltic Herring (Clupea harengus)S1Feb. 14, 2013Baltic SeacaughtrawND
 S1Sep. 04, 2013Baltic Seacaughtraw0.02
 S5Oct. 09, 2013Baltic SeacaughtrawND
Salmon (Salmo salar)S2-L1Sep. 03, 2013NorwayfarmedrawND
 S1Sep. 04, 2013NorwayfarmedrawND
 S2-L1Aug. 07, 2014NorwayfarmedrawND
 S1Aug. 07, 2014NorwayfarmedrawND
Char (Salvelinus alpinus)S1Feb. 14, 2013SwedenfarmedrawND
 S2-L1Sep. 03, 2013Swedenfarmedraw0.01
 S1Sep. 04, 2013SwedenfarmedrawND
Cod (Gadus morhua)S2-L1Sep. 03, 2013NorwaycaughtrawND
 S1Sep. 04, 2013NorwaycaughtrawND
 S2-L1Aug. 07, 2014NorwaycaughtrawND
 S1Aug. 07, 2014NorwaycaughtrawND
Perch (Perca fluviatilis)S1Feb. 14, 2013Northeast AtlanticcaughtrawND
 S1Sep. 04, 2013Northeast AtlanticcaughtrawND
 S1Aug. 07, 2014Sweden (lake)caughtrawND
 S2-L1Aug. 07, 2014Sweden (lake)caughtrawND
Crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus)S2-L1Sep. 03, 2013Turkeyunknowncooked/frozenND
 S1Sep. 04, 2013Sweden (lake)caughtcookedND
 S2-L1Aug. 07, 2014Turkeycaughtcooked/frozenND
 S1Aug. 07, 2014Turkeycaughtcooked/frozenND
 S2-L1Aug. 07, 2014Sweden (lake)caughtcookedND
 S7Aug. 07, 2014SwedencaughtcookedND
  1. ND: not detectable (i.e., below the method LOD at 0.01 μg BMAA/g wet weight of sample tissue); S1–7 refers to the seven supermarkets where the samples were purchased; L1–2 refers to locations 1 and 2.
  2. The part analyzed was the whole soft body for blue mussel and oyster, and muscle for others.