Figure 1 : Quality and usability of BAC libraries.

From: The first report of a Pelecaniformes defensin cluster: Characterization of β-defensin genes in the crested ibis based on BAC libraries

Figure 1

(a) Distribution of insert sizes for randomly selected BAC library clones. (b) BAC overlapping cluster of defensin genes. H46-1, H1-10, 375B9, H68-1, and 780E4 correspond to the five positive BACs. Grey arrows: end sequences of BACs; black arrow: location of primers (AvBD7) used to screen BAC libraries. (c) Chromosome localization of the crested ibis β-defensin cluster. The H46-1 probe was mapped to crested ibis chromosome 3 (green signals; numbering described in Methods). Chromosome scales are at the upper right corner.