Figure 4 : Laser assisted fabrication of loops of varying radius of curvature in rat cortical neurons.

From: Loop formation and self-fasciculation of cortical axon using photonic guidance at long working distance

Figure 4

(A) Construction of an I-loop by laser based axonal-guidance method. (a–j) Time-lapse (3 min) phase-contrast images of optically-fabricated I-loop by completely folding a cortical axon back on to its shaft. Scale bar: 10 μm. (B) Laser assisted fabrication of an e-loop. (a–d) Time-lapse (4 min) phase-contrast images of optical fabrication of loop in a rat cortical neuron. (e–h) Self-fasciculation of optically-guided axon and decrease in radius of curvature of the optically-fabricated loop. Scale bar: 10 μm. The positions of laser spot are marked by red circles. (C) Kinetics of change in loop diameter for axonal loops of different radii. (D) Plot of the radius vs equivalent force for axons with different number of microtubules (10-100 in steps of 10). Vertical lines (red: I-loop, black: e-loop, blue: o-loop) indicate three achieved final radii of curvatures of axonal-loops.