Table 1: Some details of the sectioned symphyses. Specimens are arranged in ascending ontogenetic rank order from juveniles to adults. Reconstructed symphysis length data and histology-based relative ontogenetic sequence of the specimens are taken from [34]

From: Medullary bone-like tissue in the mandibular symphyses of a pterosaur suggests non-reproductive significance

Specimen ID (MTM V PAL)Reconstructed symphysis length (mm)Histologic ontogenetic sequenceMedullary bone-like tissue present(+)/absent(−)
2007.111.1(15)80.51 (juvenile)+
2010.74.161242 (juvenile)+
2007.111.1(20)693 (juvenile)+
2010.74.3964 (juvenile)
2010.74.101115 (subadult)
2007.111.1(9)95.56 (adult)
2010.74.181267 (adult)+