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Figure 2

From: Nanoscale Label-free Bioprobes to Detect Intracellular Proteins in Single Living Cells

Figure 2

In-vitro characterization of the LSPR FTP.

(a), Schematic setup for in-vitro characterization of the LSPR FTP. The FTP sensor was assembled into a home-made PDMS channel. The LSPR signal excited through the fiber was collected via an inverted microscope and analyzed by a spectrometer. (b), Normalized LSPR signal in various glycerol/water concentrations. Inset shows the zoomed-in view of LSPR peaks (c), Real-time monitoring of the LSPR when different concentrations of solutions are injected in the channel. The resonance wavelength is obtained by fitting LSPR signals to the Lorentzian equation. (d), Dependence of the LSPR position on the refractive indices of the solvents. The error bar is from the measurements of five different nanorods. A bulk index sensitivity of 187 ± 25 nm/RIU is obtained from linear fit.

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