Figure 2 : Ancestry analysis of the global data set.

From: Genome-wide genotype and sequence-based reconstruction of the 140,000 year history of modern human ancestry

Figure 2

The 163 samples are labeled in the left margin, the numbers of ancestral components are labeled in the top margin, and the geographical sample origins are labeled in the right margin. In the plot with 19 ancestral components, the ancestral components from top to bottom are Pygmy (magenta), Click Speaker (green), Niger-Congo (red), Nilo-Saharan (yellow), Lowland East Cushitic (turquoise), Omotic (coral), Berber (dark goldenrod), Kalash (white), Indian (orange), Siberian (slate blue), Japanese (blue), Chinese (dark orchid), Southeast Asian (brown), Melanesian (pink), Native American (purple), Levantine-Caucasian (dark olive green), Arabian (gray), Southern European (black), and Northern European (aquamarine).