Figure 4 : Standard deviation σlnG of the log-conductance as a function of Teff.

From: Multiple Virtual Tunneling of Dirac Fermions in Granular Graphene

Figure 4

Data points were extracted from 4 distinct data sets - DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4, presented in Supplementary Material, section F - measured in sample D1. DS3 corresponds to fig. 3(a). Blue circles (DS1) were extracted from G vs Vsd curves taken at 3 K for different Vg. Green triangles (DS2) and orange diamonds (DS3) were extracted from G vs Vg, Vsd plots. Red squares (DS4) correspond to G vs Vg curves taken at 6 K and fixed source-drain current. Dashed and solid lines correspond to theoretically predicted power-laws for different transport mechanisms: Dirac fermions (DF) MIC (black), Schrödinger fermions (SF) MIC (violet), ES (green) and Mott VRH (pink), bottleneck-limited MEC (red). Inset shows the high-field MC at Vg = 0 V between 2 K and 40 K. Data points are shown in black. The solid red line is a guide to the eyes and the dashed green line indicates Tcross.