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Figure 1

From: Regenerable Photovoltaic Devices with a Hydrogel-Embedded Microvascular Network

Figure 1

A biomimetic photovoltaic device with microfluidic replenishment network.

(a) A schematic of microfluidic channel network within the hydrogel photovoltaics (μ-FGPVs). The white arrows indicate the convection-dominant transport of dye and electrolyte molecules along the microfluidic channels. The inset displays the cross section view across the dotted yellow line. TiO2 nanoparticles and Pt catalysts are deposited on the photoanode and the counter electrode, respectively. The red arrows indicate the lateral diffusive/convective transport between the source channels and drain channels. (b) A photograph of the prototype μ-FGPVs device. The top electrode is the photoanode. Scale bar = 1 cm. The area and the thickness of TiO2 film are 3 cm2 and ~6 μm, correspondingly.

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