Figure 3 : Conductivity measurement of Ba0.5Sr0.5Ce0.6Zr0.2Gd0.1Y0.1O3−δ (perovskite I).

From: Chemically Stable Proton Conducting Doped BaCeO3 -No More Fear to SOFC Wastes

Figure 3

(a) Nyquist plot obtained for perovskite I under different environments revealing the increase in resistance in the order of H2 + 3% H2O < air + 3% H2O < air < N2 + 3% H2O < N2 + 3% D2O at 600°C. The lines passing through the data points are fitting results. (b) Arrhenius plot of perovskite I in various environments along with that of GDC measured in air revealing increased conductivity for perovskite I against GDC. Activation energy of 55 kJmol−1 is observed under H2 + 3% H2O environments.