Figure 2 : Comparison of chemical stability of Ba0.5Sr0.5Ce0.6Zr0.2Gd0.1Y0.1O3−δ (perovskite I) under various environments.

From: Chemically Stable Proton Conducting Doped BaCeO3 -No More Fear to SOFC Wastes

Figure 2

(a) PXRD pattern of perovskite I after exposure to CO2 at 800°C and H2O vapor at 90°C along with in situ high temperature PXRD patterns obtained under 10% CO2/N2 and 10% H2/N2 at 800°C reveal its chemical stability and (b) TGA curve obtained for perovskite I under air, CO2 and dry H2 all resemble each other closely suggesting no significant change in the chemical composition. TGA of H2O vapor treated sample shows drop in weight from temperatures as low as 100°C suggesting the incorporation of H2O in the crystal lattice.