Figure 5 : JNK and apoptosis are involved in compensatory proliferation.

From: Sustained production of ROS triggers compensatory proliferation and is required for regeneration to proceed

Figure 5

(a) Inhibition of ROS production (VAS2870 1 μM), Apoptosis (NS3496 5 μM) and JNK (SP600125 5 μM) reduced the number of epidermal cells in mitosis at 24 hpa. Proliferation in the epidermis was monitored through the phosphorylated histone H3 (H3-P). Representative pictures are shown. H3-P positive cells were counted in rays and inter-rays-2 from segment 1 to segment 6 at 24 hpa. (b) Inhibition of JNK (SP600125 5 μM) had no effect on cell death at 18 hpa. (c–e) Gene expression was analyzed through quantitative RT-PCR on the regenerated fin at 18 hpa after NS3694 (5 μM), (SP600125 5 μM), VAS2870 (1 μM) or vehicle (DMSO) treatment. The DMSO-treated sample was taken as 1. The error bars represent the SEM (* p<0.05, **p< 0.01, ***p < 0.001).