Figure 4 : Results of X-ray CT imaging in vitro and in vivo.

From: Topological insulator bismuth selenide as a theranostic platform for simultaneous cancer imaging and therapy

Figure 4

(a) In vitro CT images of Bi2Se3 nanoplates and Iopamidol with different concentrations. Cell analysis: H22 cells incubated without contrast agent (1), with increased concentration of Bi2Se3 nanoplates (0.02 and 0.05 mol Bi l-1 for 2 and 3, respectively). (b) CT value (HU) of Bi2Se3 nanoplates () or Iopamidol () as function of the concentration. (c) CT coronal views of a mouse following an intratumoral injection of 100 μl of Bi2Se3 nanoplates solution (0.2 mol Bi l−1) (top). The corresponding 3D rendering of in vivo CT images above (bottom). The position of tumor is marked by red circles.