Table 1: Features of biomolecular interaction databases

From: Managing biological complexity across orthologs with a visual knowledgebase of documented biomolecular interactions

Interaction toolEasily traceable documentationProtein-protein interactionsOpen access database can be downloaded in whole from webWeb servicesMultiple OrganismsNetwork VisualizationMultiple organisms in same queryClickable nodes and edges for detailsProtein->DNA interactionsSmall molecule interactionsGenetic InteractionsMulti-molecule queriesPredicts functional associationsMultiple edge encodingsCrowdsourcing web portalConnectivity ParameterizationCompound nodes for orthologous moleculesTotal features
MINT      11
STRING       10
IntAct       10
BIND #      9
GenRIF Interactions        9
EcoCyc         8
DIP          7
BiooGrid          7
HPRD             4
Cognoscente 14
  1. Planned feature.
  2. #Via Cytoscape.