Figure 6 : Managing complexity with Cognoscente.

From: Managing biological complexity across orthologs with a visual knowledgebase of documented biomolecular interactions

Figure 6

iPSC genes Oct4 (Pou5f1), Sox2, c-Myc (Myc), Klf4, Nanog, and Lin28A were queried with Cognoscente using different approaches. In the upper left panel, all primary (radius = 1) interactions are shown across all orthologs. In the upper right panel, only human primary interactions are shown. In the lower left panel, radius = 0 interactions (those between members of the query list) and ‘intermediates’ (those where the interactant has interactions with at least two members of the query list) are shown across all orthologs. Finally, in the lower right panel, only human radius = 0 interactions with intermediates are shown, which eliminates hundreds of nodes as compared with the upper left panel.