Figure 5 : TiO2 thin films grown on ITO-coated glass compared to the simulated microwave energy absorption.

From: Microwave-assisted Low-temperature Growth of Thin Films in Solution

Figure 5

(a–d) Patterned catalyst ITO layers. (e–h) TiO2 films grown on ITO by selective heating after the microwave reaction. These films were all grown by microwave reaction with a 10 W/min power ramp rate to 150°C with a 60 min hold time, except for the film in (h) which was held at 170°C for 60 min. (i–l) The absorbed energy density per rotor rotation extracted from electromagnetic simulations. The energy densities are normalized by 1 J/m3 and the color bars are in dB scale. The computational and experimental results show strong correlation.