Figure 2 : Microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis results for anatase TiO2 thin films.

From: Microwave-assisted Low-temperature Growth of Thin Films in Solution

Figure 2

(a) Summary of film growth optimization conditions. The most uniform and thickest films were grown at a temperature of 150°C held for 60 minutes. Shorter hold times or lower temperatures led to thinner, more amorphous films. Longer times or higher temperatures led to film delamination at the edges. The power ramp rate had little effect on film formation. (b) GIXRD pattern for the optimized film grown on ITO-coated glass shows peaks for the ITO layer as well as strong anatase phase peaks, most notably the (101) peak at 25°. (c) Microwave-grown TiO2 film on ITO-coated glass. (d) Microwave-grown TiO2 film on Al-coated glass. (e) Microwave-grown TiO2 film on ITO-coated PET. (f) Raman spectroscopy for films grown on ITO-coated glass and ITO-coated PET.