Figure 7 : Possible thermodynamic control of miRNA/siRNA-mediated gene-silencing activity.

From: Stability of miRNA 5′terminal and seed regions is correlated with experimentally observed miRNA-mediated silencing efficacy

Figure 7

Left and right columns indicate the siRNA-based off-target pathway and miRNA-mediated silencing pathway, respectively. The miRNA/siRNA duplex is unwound to a single-stranded RNA, which loads onto the RISC, and acts as a guide to recruit the silencing complex to the 3′ UTR of the target mRNA to promote translational repression or cleavage. In the siRNA pathway, the efficiencies of the siRNA seed-dependent off-target effects were strongly correlated with the calculated thermodynamic stabilities in the seed-target duplexes, Tm2–8. In the miRNA pathway, the efficacies of miRNA-mediated silencing are determined by the combined thermodynamic parameters that might reflect their unwinding properties (miTm1–5) in addition to their base-pairing stabilities in the seed-target duplex (Tm2–8).