Figure 1 : The bulk water density ρ as a function of T and P, in the ranges 150–450 K and 1 bar–8 kbar16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24.

From: A singular thermodynamically consistent temperature at the origin of the anomalous behavior of liquid water

Figure 1

As it can be observed the density maximum temperature is P–dependent and disappears for P > 2 kbar. It is also evident that the pressure increase is accompanied by a complete change in the ρ(T) curvature (from negative to positive) at such a pressure. Are also reported two density values measured in HDA respectively at 3 kbar and 4 kbar (dotted lines evidence a continuity between these HDA values and the bulk water ρ data). The open green squares represent the density measured, at 1 bar, in confined water inside the no man's land, where there is also a density minimum located at ~ 200 K.