Figure 1 : Principal component analysis (PCA) of the small non-coding RNA profiles in mononuclear cells from centenarians, octogenarians and young people.

From: Centenarians, but not octogenarians, up-regulate the expression of microRNAs

Figure 1

The small non-coding RNA expression profiles of mononuclear cells were analyzed by PCA. Each of our samples was assayed using an array (Genechip miRNA 2.0 Array) that is defined by 1,105 mature miRNAs, 1.105 pre-miRNAs, 32 scaRNA and 2,302 snoRNA from the miRBASE (v.15)). The ellipsoids (in red, octogenarian; in blue centenarian and in green young group) show a distinct directionality in different groups based on similarities and differences with age. The axes correspond to principal component 1 (PC1, x-axis), PC2 (y-axis), and PC3 (z-axis).