Figure 4 : Relative expressions of female-specific genes in Tcdsx or malE dsRNA injected beetles.

From: Doublesex target genes in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

Figure 4

Young (0 day) sex-separated pupae were injected with dsRNA targeting all isoforms of TcdsxC (f1+f2+f3), Tcdsxf1+ Tcdsxf2 (f1+f2), Tcdsxf2 alone or malE. Total RNA was isolated on 5th day PAE and the mRNA levels of selected genes were quantified by qRT-PCR. Mean+S.D (n = 3) relative mRNA levels are shown. Asterisks show treatments that are significantly different from control (p<0.05). (A) TcDsx target genes that are down regulated in females injected with dsRNA targeting either common region of Tcdsx or the region specific to Tcdsxf1 and Tcdsxf2 (f1+f2) together. (B) Female-specific genes that significantly increased in Tcdsx RNAi males. (C) TcDsx target genes that decrease only when dsRNA targeting the common region of Tcdsx was injected into females. The expressions of these genes are unaffected in females injected with dsRNA targeting Tcdsxf1 and Tcdsxf2 together. All these genes are unaffected by the injection of dsRNA targeting Tcdsxf2 alone.