Figure 2 : Deduced amino acid (aa) sequences of Dsx proteins from T. castaneum (TcDsx), D. melanogaster (DmDsx), A. gambiae (AgDsx) and B. mori (BmDsx) were aligned.

From: Doublesex target genes in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

Figure 2

The Dsx sequences are divided into (A) region common to DsxM and DsxF proteins (B) Female-specific region which is known to be conserved and C) Male-specific region. The DNA binding domain (DM/OD1) is shown in blue color whereas oligomerization domain (OD2) is shown in orange color. Arrows indicate the conserved amino acid residues (in red) shown to be essential for DNA binding activity of Dsx in D. melanogaster. The three TcDsxF proteins differ from each other at their C-terminus (B). Additional OD2 domain in TcDsxM is shown in orange color (C). Stars (*) represent 100% identity of aa among all proteins.