Figure 3 : Performance of the DHHPFC under various electrolyte conditions with NPGL30 as the catalyst at 60°C.

From: Direct N2H4/H2O2 Fuel Cells Powered by Nanoporous Gold Leaves

Figure 3

(A) Dependence of the N2H4 concentration, the H2O2 concentration was fixed at 20 wt.%; (B): Dependence of the H2O2 concentration, N2H4 concentration was fixed at 10 wt.%. The flow rates of the fuel and oxidizer were 1.4 and 4.2 mL min−1, respectively. (C) Dependence of the N2H4 flow rate as the cathode flow rate was fixed at 4.2 mL min−1; (D) Dependence of the H2O2 flow rate as the anode flow rate was fixed at 1.4 mL min−1. The concentrations of N2H4 and H2O2 were 10 wt.%.