Table 1: Uptake and release of metabolites in culture media during preimplantation development

From: A medium-chain fatty acid as an alternative energy source in mouse preimplantation development

  Culture media-derived metabolites
StageMetabolites produced by embryosMetabolites consumed by embryosMetabolites that were not consumed by embryos
Early StageHexanoate*, Isoleusine, Glutamate, Glycine*, CitramalateGlutamine, Pyruvate*, Octanoate***5-Oxoproline
Late StageTryptophan***, cis-Aconitate*** Threonine**, Proline**, Putrescine***, Malate***, Leucine***, Succinate, Phenylalanine***, Valine**, Ornithine, Methionine*, Tyrosine**, Lysine, Histidine***, 2-Hydroxy-4-methylpentanoate***, 2-Hydroxypentanoate**, Alanine***Lactate, Pyruvate* Glutamine, Octanoate***5-Oxoproline