Figure 5 : Structural and morphological changes of mesoporous NiO facet crystals during the charge and discharge processes.

From: Mesoporous NiO crystals with dominantly exposed {110} reactive facets for ultrafast lithium storage

Figure 5

TEM images and SAED patterns of NiO electrodes taken from fully discharged states (a)–(c) and fully charged states (d)–(f) in the first cycle, fully discharged (g)–(i) and fully charged (j)–(l) states after 100 cycles. (a), (d), (g), and (j) show bright-field TEM images of individual NiO crystals at different stages of the reduction and oxidation processes. (b), (e), (h), and (k) are the corresponding SAED patterns. (c), (f), (i), and (l) are the lattice resolved TEM images at various stages of the reduction and oxidation processes. The inset in (d) is the magnified TEM image of a NiO facet crystal. The insets in (f) and (l) are the corresponding FFT images.