Figure 6 : Structural determinants of the interaction between 14-3-3 andphosphopeptides.

From: The importance of serine 776 in Ataxin-1 partner selection: A FRET Analysis

Figure 6

A model of the complex of Atx1 with 14-3-3 was built using the accession name 1qjb as a template by replacing the Atx1 residues using phosphorylated serine (left) or an aspartate (right). The backbone of 14-3-3 is shown as green ribbons. The side chains of residues that surround the peptide are explicitly shown in yellow. The peptide is shown in green. The position of the phospho-serine or aspartate is indicated with a red circle. The substitution leads to a different geometry and to longer distances between the charged groups.