Figure 2 : Activity of imprimatinC1 as an SA analogue.

From: ImprimatinC1, a novel plant immune-priming compound, functions as a partial agonist of salicylic acid

Figure 2

(a) Activity regarding defence gene expression. The PR1 mRNA transcript levels were determined via qRT-PCR with cDNAs prepared from 10-day-old Arabidopsis seedlings (wild-type or sid2) soaked in liquid media containing 100 µM imprimatinC1 or SA for 24 hours. The expression values were normalised to Actin2 as an internal standard. These results are representative of three independent replicates. (b) Activity regarding feedback regulation of SA synthesis. ImprimatinC1 (100 µM) was incubated with Arabidopsis cells in suspension for 24 hours, and the cellular SA content was measured via LC-MS. The data are expressed as the mean ± SD (n = 3). (c) Activity regarding JA signalling. A solution of 100 µM imprimatinC1 or SA was applied to transgenic Arabidopsis seedlings harbouring the LOX2 promoter::GUS gene construct along with 100 µM MeJA for 24 hours, and GUS activity was determined. (d) Schematic representation of the pleiotropic effects of SA and the point in the pathway at which imprimatinC1 acts.