Figure 1 : Cell death potentiation activities of the immune-priming compounds.

From: ImprimatinC1, a novel plant immune-priming compound, functions as a partial agonist of salicylic acid

Figure 1

(a) Molecular structures of the identified imprimatinC compounds and known plant immune-priming chemicals. (b) Bioactivity of the compounds regarding pathogen-induced cell death in Arabidopsis suspension cells. The compounds were incubated with Arabidopsis cells with or without the avirulent bacterial pathogen Pst-avrRpm1 at the indicated concentrations, and the degree of cell death was measured quantitatively based on the concentration of Evans blue dye. Each cell death rate is shown as a value normalised to the mean of mock treatments with pathogens for each experimental group. Data are expressed as the mean ± SD (n = 4).