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Figure 3

From: Finding low-energy conformations of lattice protein models by quantum annealing

Figure 3

Experimental realizations.

(a) Representation of the six-amino-acid sequence, Proline-Serine-Valine-Lysine-Methionine-Alanine with its respective one-letter sequence notation, PSVKMA. We use the pairwise nearest-neighbor Miyazawa-Jernigan interaction energies reported in Table 3 of Ref. 38. (b) Divide and conquer approach showing three different schemes which independently solve the six-amino-acid sequence PSVKMA on a two-dimensional lattice. We solved the problem under Scheme2 and 3 (Experiments 1 through 4). (c) Energy landscape for the valid conformations of the PSVKMA sequence. Results of the experimentally-measured probability outcomes are given as color-coded percentages according to each of the experimental realizations described in panel (b). Percentages for states with energy greater than zero are 32.70%, 59.88%, 8.00% and 95.97% for Experiments 1 through 4, respectively.

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