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Figure 1

From: Finding low-energy conformations of lattice protein models by quantum annealing

Figure 1

Device architecture and qubit connectivity.

The array of superconducting quantum bits is arranged in 4 × 4 unit cells that consist of 8 quantum bits each. Within a unit cell, each of the 4 qubits in the left-hand partition (LHP) connects to all 4 qubits in the right-hand partition (RHP) and vice versa. A qubit in the LHP (RHP) also connects to the corresponding qubit in the LHP (RHP) of the units cells above and below (to the left and right of) it. (a) Qubits are labeled from 0 to 127 and edges between qubits represent couplers with programmable coupling strengths. Grey qubits indicate the 115 usable qubits, while vacancies indicate qubits under calibration which were not used. The larger experiments (Experiments 1,2 and 4) were performed on this chip, while the three remaining smaller experiments were run on other chips with the same architecture. (b) Embedding and qubit connectivity for Experiment 4, coloring the 81 qubits used in the experiment. Nodes with the same color represent the same logical qubit from the original 19-qubit Ising-like Hamiltonian resulting from the energy function associated with Experiment 4 (see Supplementary material for details). This embedding aims to fulfill the arbitrary connectivity of the Ising expression and allows for the coupling of qubits that are not directly coupled in hardware.

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