Figure 3 : Growth of S. sanguinis mutants related to amino acid and nucleotide biosyntheses in BHI and CDM media.

From: Genome-wide essential gene identification in Streptococcus sanguinis

Figure 3

(A) amino acid and nucleotide biosynthesis pathways in which mutants grew (black arrow) or did not grow (red arrow) in CDM medium. Components of the CDM medium are indicated in green. PPP, pentose phosphate pathway, dashed arrow, undetermined gene responsible for asparagine biosynthesis. Note the two pathways for serine, glycine, threonine, glutamate and AICAR biosyntheses. ASA, L-aspartate 4-semialdehyde; CM, chorismate; E4P, D-Erythrose 4-phosphate; Hser, homoserine or o-phospho-L-homoserine; PRFAR, phosphoribulosyl-formimino-AICAR-phosphate. (B) growth of mutants in BHI and CDM media. Relative growth was represented by mutant OD450 / SK36 OD450 after 2d anaerobic incubation.