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Figure 1

From: Solving Quantum Ground-State Problems with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Figure 1

(Color online) (a) The energy eigenvalues versus external magnetic field of the Heisenberg Hamiltonian (defined in equation (3) ).

The optimized state |ψ *〉 ≡ |ψ(−π/4, π/2)〉 (see equation (4)) (black line) contains a linear combinations of the two eigenstates (red and blue lines) only. (b) The three-qubit NMR quantum simulator consists of a sample of 13C-labeled Diethyl-fluoromalonate dissolved in2H-labeled chloroform. The nuclear spins (circled) of13 and1H are used as the system qubits and that of19F is the probe qubit. The parameters of the NMR couplings of this molecule are listed in the table.

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