Table 2 Reasons for replacement of crowns

From: Reasons for placement and replacement of crowns in general dental practice

Secondary/recurrent caries Caries detected at the margins of an existing crown.
Unacceptable marginal adaptation Degraded or poor margins but without secondary caries.
Lost crown Cementation failure leading to the need for crown replacement.
Crown fracture Fracture of any part of the crown that is the reason for replacement.
Tooth fracture Any form of tooth fracture that does not involve the crown but is the reason for crown replacement.
Aesthetics Aesthetic reason for the crown to be replaced. Includes gingival recession exposing the crown margin.
Wear Wear by attrition, abrasion or erosion resulting in the need for crown replacement.
Endodontic reasons Endodontic reasons that lead to the need for crown replacement.
Change of material Replacement of a serviceable crown where the change of material was the reason for the replacement rather than failure of the crown.
Occlusal problems Occlusal reasons for crown replacement.
Other Other reasons for the replacement of a crown.