Table 1 Reasons for placement of crowns

From: Reasons for placement and replacement of crowns in general dental practice

Failed restorations Includes all reasons for the failure of restorations such as secondary (recurrent) caries, fractured restorations (bulk and marginal) resulting in the placement of crowns.
Tooth fracture All forms of tooth fracture, including those that extend into a restoration and fracture due to trauma.
Aesthetics Crowns placed to improve aesthetics for any reason (tetracycline discoloured teeth, large unsightly restorations).
Wear Wear of tooth tissues by attrition, abrasion and erosion.
Endodontic reasons Endodontic reasons for crown provision, for example, crowning following root filling, or need for post and core to obtain adequate retention for a crown.
Occlusal problems Occlusal reasons for crown placement.
Primary Caries Is caries on a surface not directly associated with any existing restoration? If approximal caries is unrelated to an existing sound restoration, primary caries is recorded.
Other Any other reasons for placement of a crown.