General dental practices with and without a dental therapist: a survey of appointment activities and patient satisfaction with their care

Key Points

  • Suggests that a team work approach to patient care, in this case via the inclusion of a Dental Therapist, would enable delivery of preventative oral care in a patient-acceptable model.

  • Indicates that a team work approach allows all dental professionals to provide oral care that makes the most of their full scope of practice.

  • Argues that regulations, contract and remuneration systems need to be aligned with policy changes

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Special thanks go to the research nurses Alison Chandler and Lisa Mellish for their help with data collection.

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Correspondence to E. Barnes.

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The project was part of a wider study funded by Health and Care Research Wales. project: 1101. The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Health and Care Research Wales, NHS or Wales Government.

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