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Easy insertion of multiple posts

BDJ volume 224, page 754 (11 May 2018) | Download Citation


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FILPOST is the only prefabricated post system that can be customised to suit the restoration for root post and core build up. It can be bent and shortened without risk of fracture, enabling easy insertion of multiple posts into converging canals. It is engineered to be easier to place, even in difficult cases, in a faster, safer manner. There is more preserving of healthy tooth structure and it is stronger in use via its unique passive 'interlocking' system. It is 99.8% titanium, biocompatible and compatible with all dental materials. No drilling is required during placement thus avoiding risk of perforation. Its anatomical shape minimises dentine removal. Retention grooves along the post, working together with retention grooves formed within the canal surface, by the special Universal Groover, create a unique passive interlock that strengthens retention.

The self-threading, self-aligning FILPIN speeds and eases placement for self-shearing first time, every time once optimum depth is reached. After insertion, FILPIN can be easily bent to suit the restoration without breaking it or the tooth. Its unique thread design maximises retention strength without causing internal stresses that may lead to cracking or crazing. Filpin enhances retention of all types of restorations to dentine.

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