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DENTISTS ON FILM: Lethal Weapon 4

BDJ volume 224, page 471 (13 April 2018) | Download Citation


H. S. Brand of the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, and movie buff, looks at the dental presence in Lethal Weapon 4, an action movie directed by Richard Donner (1998).

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Some detectives in Los Angeles are looking for gang leader Benny Chan. When they learn that Benny has an appointment with his dentist, private detective Leo reports to the receptionist too. 'I am in pain!' he says. When the receptionist asks why he did not go to his own dentist, Leo says that his dentist is in Detroit. The receptionist now walks to the dentist, who is treating Benny Chan using surgical binocular loupes. 'Doctor excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but we have an emergency,' says the receptionist. 'A man has just walked in off the street. He is in a lot of pain, you better come with me.'

The Chinese dentist says a few words in Chinese to Benny and goes to another treatment room. There he tries to examine Leo's mouth with a mirror. Leo screams terribly and wants to watch with a hand mirror. He threatens the dentist: 'If you hurt me, I'll stick an egg roll in your ass.

Meanwhile, the other agents sneak into the other treatment room where Benny Chan is lying in the dental chair. One cop threatens Benny with an operating hand piece, another with an extractor. Benny starts to struggle and the cops place the nose piece of the laughing gas equipment on his face. Meanwhile, Leo is still struggling during the oral examination and grasps the dentist's bow tie. 'You said it would not hurt!' he says.

When the dentist places a syringe in his mouth, Leo screams: 'I don't need needles!' The dental assistant holds both his hands. When the dentist starts drilling Leo roars the name of one of his fellow agents: 'Come quickly!' Under the influence of the laughing gas, Benny Chan has started talking, but the detectives have become intoxicated by the gas too, making them noisy. The dentist rushes in and shouts 'What are you doing here?' All agents leave the dental practice and the dentist bends over Benny Chan again.

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