News on microbiota and immunity is everywhere these days. Shifting oral microbiota to beneficial microorganisms is even possible with toothpastes, containing lactoperoxidase systems. Probiotics are on their way to oral cavity, but you can't keep them alive for a shelf-life time for most oral care products. But what about mimicking the action of that beneficial flora without using probiotics?

SPLAT, a Russian cosmetic company presented worldwide, have introduced a novel dentifrice formulation containing the lysates of beneficial bifidobacteria that may perform their action through three possible ways simultaneously:

  1. 1

    Providing signals to mucosal immune cells so that they 'think' that normal microbiota is abundant and slow down their excessive inflammatory activities

  2. 2

    Bacteriocins from beneficial bacteria lysates act in the same manner as from living microorganisms – they kill abnormal flora, protecting teeth and gums

  3. 3

    Lysates provide biochemical signal to enhance the survival and growth of the beneficial flora.

There are already two products containing bacterial lysates from SPLAT Oral Care: Sensitive Ultra and Sensitive White and more being planned. To keep inflammation away, these two new products contain a mineral bischofite – an 'ancient sea salt' which contains a lot of magnesium, providing a shield from periodontitis. Maybe one day this toothpaste will guard you from a sore throat?

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