Oral manifestations of systemic disease

Key Points

  • The numbers of individuals with oral manifestations of systemic disease is ever rising

  • The oral symptoms can sometimes be the first, only and/or most distressing feature of systemic disease

  • Oral Health care providers will often be the first clinicians to recognise oral features of systemic disease


While the majority of disorders of the mouth are centred upon the direct action of plaque, the oral tissues can be subject to change or damage as a consequence of disease that predominantly affects other body systems. Such oral manifestations of systemic disease can be highly variable in both frequency and presentation. As lifespan increases and medical care becomes ever more complex and effective it is likely that the numbers of individuals with oral manifestations of systemic disease will continue to rise. The present article provides a succinct review of oral manifestations of systemic disease. In view of this article being part of a wider BDJ themed issue on the subject of oral medicine, this review focuses upon oral mucosal and salivary gland disorders that may arise as a consequence of systemic disease.

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