Zhaoa IS, Mea ML et alJ Dent 2017; 57: 38–44

In a recently published systematic literature review (Aust Dent J 2015; 61: 6–15), it was reported that none of the four only in vivo studies examining this subject looked for whether or not restorative materials that contain antimicrobials have an anticariogenic effect. Most in vitro studies have shown the incorporation of antimicrobial agents did exert an anticariogenic effect. This study, carried out on 32 extracted premolar teeth, continues with this broad message that agents with anticariogenic capabilities do have an effect when tested in vitro. As has been shown in another study, this study showed the addition of CPP-ACP to glass ionomer exerts an antibacterial effect. Importantly, pretreatment of the cavity with silver diamine fluoride reduces further outer lesion depths. The silver diamine fluoride was topically applied for 3 minutes to the cavities using a microbrush before placement of the glass ionomer cement with or without 3% CPP-ACP. Secondary caries was simulated using a biofilm challenge.